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The Idea

An Interview with Frank R. Henning

Everything else is subject to our intelligence, our understanding to work “with” the horse. If there is a problem with the horse, one should solve the problem so that the horse does not even realize that there is a problem. Everyone has got a good horse! We have come here to give you suggestions how to find solutions for one or the other exercise, for one or the other problem.

Confidence is one of the most important components of our work.
We will always fail if you work against the horse.
We only can succeed when working “with” the horse.

Horses are wonderful creatures! And that does not change when sitting on it. The only question is whether we are able to do it. I make a distinction between a good and a bad rider – The good rider dismounts and says: “What could I do better? The bad rider dismounts and says: My horse worked badly.


Portraits of "The Old Masters©"

  • Klaus Balkenhol

    • 1996: Dressage Olympic team champion in Atlanta
    • 1994: Team World Champion in The Hague
    • Former coach of the German national team


    • European Championships: 2 team golds, 1 individual gold, silver and bronze
    • World Cup: Team and individual golds, individual bronze
    • Former national dressage coach for Germany; former National Coach of US American dressage riders; former coach of Nadine Capellmann; currently coaching Laura Bechtolsheimer and his daughter Anabel Balkenhol
  • Jean Bemelmans

    • Riding master, dressage coach at the German Olympic Committee for Riding (DOKR), national coach of the French dressage team
    • 1984: Gold at the German Championship of professional riders
    • 1987: Bronze at the German Championship of professional riders
    • 1988: Bronze at the German Championship of professional riders
    • 1990: Bronze at the German Championship of professional riders
    • 2002: Bronze as a coach at the World Cup
    • 2003: Silver as a coach at the European Championships
    • 2004: Silver as a coach at the Olympic Games
    • One of the few riding masters in Germany; dressage coach at the DOKR in Warendorf; national coach of the French dressage team
  • Achaz von Buchwaldt

    • 2-time derby champion in Hamburg
    • European Championships: Bronze in Hickstead
    • World Cup Champion
    • 40-time Nations Cup rider for Germany
    • Former national coach for Denmark
  • Johann Hinnemann

    • Riding Master
    • 1986: Team World Champion, individual bronze
    • 1993–1996: Dressage coach at the German Olympic Committee for Riding (DOKR)
    • 1997–1998: National dressage coach for Germany together with K Balkenhol
  • Karsten Huck

    • Riding Master
    • 1988: Bronze at the Seoul Olympic Games
    • 1986: National coach of German junior show jumpers
  • Heinrich-Wilhelm Johannsmann

    • 1979: Team European Vice Champion in show jumping
    • 1998–2004: Coach at the DOKR Federal Training Centre in Warendorf
    • Numerous victories in large competitions, e.g. with state-owned stallions Gralshüter and Potsdam Nations Cup rider (North Rhine Westphalia)
  • Heike Kemmer

    Born in Berlin on 24.04.1962
    Occupation: Degree in business administration, since 2003 manager of her family's stud farm "Amselhof", since 1998 member of the Lower Saxony licensing committee, spokesperson of active dressage riders

    Achievements (selection)

    • 2006: Team gold medalist at the World Cup in Aachen
    • 2004: Olympic team champion in Athens
    • 2001, 2003 and 2005: European team champion
    • 1986, 200 and 2004: German vice champion
    • 2001: Champion of Nürnberger Burgpokal with Bonaparte
    • 2004 and 2005: Champion in the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg
    • 2005: German championships individual gold medallist
    • 2006: German championships individual gold medallist
    • 2008: Olympic Games team gold medalist
    • 2008: Olympic Games individual bronze medallist
    • 2008: 1st place at CHIO Nations Cup in Aachen
    • Numerous victories and top-three places at Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Kur with horses including Caesar, Beauvalais, Borsalino, Albano, Ferragamo and Bonaparte
  • Jürgen Koschel

    Coach of young talents in dressage Perspektivgruppe Dressur, since 2007 member of the coaching team of the German Olympic Committee for Riding (DOKR), supervisor of the dressage riders of the armed forces academy and of training at the Federal Training Centre in Warendorf, until 2008 coach of the Swiss national dressage team, previously working for the dressage teams of the Netherlands, Finland and Spain

  • Sönke Sönksen


    • 1976: Olympic Games team silver in show jumping
    • Coach for the German Olympic Committee for Riding (DOKR)
  • Hubertus Schmidt

    Born: 08.10.1959
    Domiciled at: Borchen-Etteln
    Occupation: Horse Management Master and Riding Master
    Hobbies: Football, riding motorcycles
    Family: Married, 2 children

    Achievements (selection)

    • Olympic Games: 2004: Team gold
    • World Championships: 2006: Team gold
    • European Championships: 2005: Team gold, individual silver
    • Champion of professional riders: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004
    • German champion: 2005
  • Monica Theodorescu

    Born: 02.03.1963
    Occupation: trained translator, federal dressage coach for Germany

    Achievements (selection)

    • Team gold medals in dressage in 1988, 1992 and 1996
    • Multiple champion of the World Cup Kur, e.g. in Berlin with her former
    • horses Ganimedes and Grunox
    • 4th place at Grand Prix Stuttgart, German Masters 2000
    • 2nd place in the final of Nürnberger Burgpokal at Frankfurter Festhalle in 2000
    • 2002: 2nd place at FEI World Cup Kur in Maastricht
    • 2003: 1st place at FEI World Cup Kur in Neumünster
    • 2006: 1st place at Grand Prix Special in Bad Salzuflen
    • 2006: 1st place at Grand Prix in Frankfurt
    • 2007 European Championships: Team silver
    • 2007 European Championships: 7th place in individuals
    • 2008: 4th place at German Championships
    • 2009: 2nd place at Grand Prix Kur in Frankfurt
    • 2009: 2nd place at Grand Prix Kur at CDI-W Lyon
    • 2009 European Championships: Team bronze
    • 2010: 2nd place at Grand Prix in Aachen
    • 2011: 2nd place at 2nd Grand Prix in Münster
  • Ton de Ridder

    Born: Education: Horsebreaker exam in October 1978, Master exam in 1988, 4 years as Horse Management Master with Udo Lange, building up the training and teaching stable Hof-Roßheide, consultant coach in Aachen–Oberforstbach, coach of Alexandra Simons de Ridder, Chacomo and Calambo.

  • Wolfram Wittig

    Born: 04.03.1958
    Domiciled at: Rahden, Westphalia
    Occupation: Farmer, Horse Management Master
    Training instructor: Walter Biedermann
    Hobbies: Motorcycles, computer
    Family: married, 1 son
    Wolfram Wittig is a full-blooded horseman: a successful rider, breeder and training instructor. He achieved numerous Grand Prix victories with his own-bred stud Breitling W. As a breeder, he boasts other licensed studs and successful dressage horses. When asked about his philosophy of dressage training, he replied: “The horse itself, and not the textbook, is the mirror image of our day-to-day work.” Wolfram Wittig's qualities as a training instructor are in high demand at his own training stable in Rahden. For example, for a long time he was the personal trainer of one of the most successful dressage riders of all times! As a coach and FN-certified training instructor, he travels a great deal throughout Europe and Asia.

  • Rudolf Zeilinger

    Born: 11.11.1963
    Education: Horse Management Master (Regional Training Centre in Anspach), 10 years working with Willi Schultheis in Warendorf, founder of Zeilinger Sportpferde GmbH in Emsbüren/Weser-Ems, coach of the Danish dressage riders


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